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OOCP 02. Timeline and background... [8.19.25 - 9.17am]
What can I say, I've always been a little bit of a black sheep. ^^;

NOTE: If you wish to add your character's interaction with Tenten's past, feel free to contact me and I'll gladly discuss character connections with you. All character connections and relationships are listed [ HERE ]. So far she's only known to a few people, and that makes me somewhat sad. Oh why did you have to be so obscure, Tenten? ;__;

Tenten's Timeline )
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OOCP 03. RPing Timeline for Tenten... [7.23.25 - 9.32am]
This is for my convenience, and maybe yours if you ever wanna see what she's been up to lately. Plus it's an easy way to make sure that I'm not RPing Tenten in two places at once. :P

No day but today... )

A tentative timeline of Tenten's history and background can be found HERE
References to Chinese Holidays can be found HERE and HERE
Reference to official Japanese Holidays can be found HERE

NOTE: Obviously this will be updated as the RP moves along.
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OOCP 04. Phone... [7.3.25 - 9.33am]

(Yes, Tenten named her phone. ^^;)

There's truth in your lies... )
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OOCP 05. Character Relations... [6.28.25 - 9.13am]
Notable Friends/Character Connections [to be filled out once character relations are discussed with other members]

Uchiha Sasuke... )

Yakushi Kabuto... )

Shizune... )

Uchiha Itachi... )

Inuzuka Kiba... )

Uzumaki Naruto... )

Hyuuga Neji... )

Hyuuga Hinata... )

Sabaku Kankuro... )

Sabaku Gaara... )
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ICP 09. Sometimes solutions aren't so simple... [4.20.09 - 6.02pm]
Exams to take place in two weeks. And any spare time I have next week will be reserved for studying.

This should be fun. -__-;

PS. The quiet calm is a little unnerving...
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ICP 08. Shining from high above you shouldn't ask why... [3.9.09 - 9.09am]
[ music | She - Groove Coverage ]

The sunrise was beautiful today...

I had never really gotten a chance to watch one from the top of the hotel before. Most days are so busy with business and responsibility. But I figured... of all days, why not choose today to find out? Heh... I guess it's starting to become a tradition.

Private... )

Dawns are always so quiet... peaceful. Refreshing. I should... make it a habit to watch one every once in a while.

I will be out for most of the day (Naruto, unless you wish to be late for your appointement, meet me in the lobby by nine). If you need me, I can be reached by phone. Otherwise, you can wait until I get back. Aiming for seven, but no later than nine.

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ICP 07. I'm in love with my own sins... [2.9.09 - 11.22am]
[ music | America's Suitehearts by Fall Out Boy ]

Tonight is the Lantern Festival, something that I look forward to every year. I'm not exactly sure why, though. I suppose it's simply a childish habit that I've yet to outgrow. But in all honesty, a part of me hopes that I never do. We are guided by our past, after all. And though it is sometimes painful to remember... it was one of my most cherished memories.

Private to Sasuke... )

I trust that I'm still meeting up with you and Mrs. Tanaka, Miss Shizune? And I hope it is alright but Neji has decided to come with me. I think a little festivities would do him some good. From what I've heard from Hinata, the preparations for the party have been trying at best, for all parties involved. If you wish, Neji, you can extend the invitation to her as well. I'm sure she would enjoy a night away from party planning.

However, due to some last minute business, I'm afraid that I will have to leave you all after the parade and fireworks. I apologize for that. Perhaps the three (or four, depending on if Hinata wishes to come along) of you can continue to enjoy the night without me? I hope that would not be too much trouble for you, Miss Shinzue. Or you, Neji.

Again, I apologize. But this is a matter of great importance and could not be rescheduled.

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ICP 06. Keep a calendar this way you will always know... [1.26.09 - 9.11am]
In case you haven't found it yet, one of the following envelopes were slipped into your respective homes sometime after midnight:

Surprise, surprise... )

Along with the appropriate note:

Cuz I am ninja like that~... )

In honor of the Lunar New Year (or Chinese New Years as everyone calls it).

And as the Rat ends, so starts the Year of the Ox. Out with the old misfortunes, and in with a renewed hope for new possibilities.

I've only now heard of the two-week long celebration is being held in the park near the hotel, ending with the Lantern Festival on the 9th of February. And I must say, the thought of it brought a small smile to my face. I used to love the New Years celebrations when I was younger. The Lantern Festival especially. And... depending on if work will allow it, I think... I might indulge a bit of my childhood. At the very least, I think I'll go to see the parade of lanterns again.

That said... would anyone like to come with me?
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ICP 05. When time and space are through... [11.5.08 - 4.29pm]
[ music | Shadowfeet - Brooke Fraser ]

Anniversaries are a funny thing. Normally, they're associated with happy things. The day you married a person. The day a country sought and gained its freedom from oppressive rulers.

A day that changed a life forever.

But, then there are those occasions where you would rather forget. which I almost did

I still can't believe it's nearing three years now that it happened. I can't believe that I almost forgot. Just when I thought I was done dwelling on the past. Guess it's like what I said to Sasuke: The funny thing about scars is that you think you'll forget about them over time...but they have ways of reminding you that they're still there.

Private, except to a select few... )

Meanwhile, the party draws ever near. Preparations are still in the works, but I assure you, Sasuke. They will be done in time for the coming out. Also, expect me to be huddled in my room for the next day or so. I've an exam to study for. But feel free to drop by. I've a feeling I'll need a reprieve soon.

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ICP 04. You get mad, you get strong, wipe your hands, shake it off... [10.17.08 - 5.34pm]
[ music | Domination - Apocalyptica ]

...It would seem that someone...broke my ear-piece. And of course, that Someone, being the new guy that just came on staff in the security department. Yeah, I'm talkin' to you, moron. -sighs/grumbles- All that work training them and they can't even bother to look before taking a seat on some pretty damn expensive equipment...

SO! Now I'm in need of getting the damn thing fixed...although, I suppose I could just snag a new one before the party... In any case, I'll be out for most of the day today doing errands and taking care of some business, both personal and otherwise (don't worry, Kabuto, I won't be doing anything to jeopardize my condition). However, I'll have my phone with me, so feel free to give me a call if something needs my attention. Or on that rare occasion that you simply wish to say a quick 'hello' is fine as well.

A quick welcome to all those new to the hotel staff. I hope you are finding the accommodations to your liking.

Private to all but Sasuke... )

Miss Shizune, at your latest convenience, I would like to discuss with you security measures for the party. You have my number.

Sasuke. I do believe I still owe you a dinner.

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ICP 03. Not tormented or daily defeating by you... [9.30.08 - 9.13pm]
[ music | When You Were Young - The Killers ]

Good news. I think the ankle has finally healed completely. There was hardly any pain when I was sparring today (granted, a light spar as per Kabuto's orders). And after all the wait, there's only one thing I have to say:

It's about damn time.

Don't get me wrong, having a few moments to myself without overwhelming concerns to attend to was a nice change of pace. But things get restless fairly quickly when you're confined to your quarters, so to speak. It certainly did for me, at least. And there was only so much school work I could do before my head started spinning.

Well, at very least, I managed to hobble myself out to the Moon Festival to enjoy the Dragon dance and fireworks. And there's no beating the moon cakes. But I apologies, Miss Shizune, for slowing you and -- Mrs. Tanaka was it? -- down. I tried my best to keep up. I hope you enjoyed yourselves, though. And tell Mrs. Tanaka that I said thanks, but no thanks concerning her grandson.

In any case, this long awaited development means that I can return to work once more (I think...I can, right, Kabby? light work at least? *hopeful look in his general direction*). Hm. -smirks- I hope the world city is ready for that.

36 Dead Souls || Kill Someone

ICP 02. It’s like I want to hear a silent sound... [9.14.08 - 11.02am]
[ music | Only Fooling Myself - Kate Voegele ]

I'm feeling a bit nostalgic.

...The Moon Festival is today.

Would anyone like to come with me and celebrate? Nothing big, obviously, but I think there'll be a little something downtown. If not then...I might just go by myself.

In any case, I'll be lighting a lantern and hang it outside of my balcony door tonight.

Kill Someone

ICP 01. If only for one moment... [9.9.08 - 7.33pm]
Things have been quiet as of late. I suppose I should be grateful for this. But I've been in this business for at least two years now. And quiet is NEVER a good thing. Not in my experience anyways.

However, I've yet to receive any majorly important assignments in the last two weeks, so I guess all I can do is concentrate on what little school work I've been given.

Private, unhackable unless you know the password... )

...I think I'll spend a little time staring out my window at the city for a little bit, first. The view's actually quite beautiful. Peaceful.
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OOCP 01. The sides of Tenten... [8.23.08 - 9.14am]
Player Details
Name/Nickname: Tao
Personal IJ/LJ Username: [info]tao_empress
Age: 23
E-mail: taochan85@gmail.com
AIM/Instant Messenger(s): (this is required, you do not need a special one for this character, but we need some way to reach you for discussion/debate/etc) Dragonstorm85
Time Zone: US Central Standard Time
Other characters in RP: (if any) Dude...I play nothing BUT Tenten. There are no other characters. 8|

Character Application
Character Name [Canonly Written]: Tenten
Age: 21
Affiliation: Mafia
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual

Personality... )

History... )

RP Sample... )

PB model (name and sample image/icon please) Mika Nakashima
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Contact Post [8.23.08 - 9.09am]
-bows respectfully- Hello everyone. This would be the character journal for Tenten in the rp community of [info]therisingsun. If you need to contact me or, you know, just want to say hi, feel free to leave a comment here or try the following:

AIM: DragonStorm85
RLJ: [info]tao_empress
Other: taochan85@gmail.com

Thank you. -bows respectfully again-
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